☞ Everlane
Building beautiful shopping experiences.
React, Redux, Ruby.
Summer 2018, Everlane.
Everlane is a fashion company focused on delivering ethically-made basics. A pioneer in the e-commerce industry, they take full advantage of the flexibility and customizability afforded by a fully in-house tech team. On Everlane's Growth engineering team, I helped devise and implement numerous AB tests to learn about the preferences and behavior of the Everlane shopper. I also built a beautiful product launch page and assisted development for essential internal fashion planning tools.

☞ Objectives

Before joining Everlane, I had committed myself to a list of objectives I sought to explore and complete during my summer internship. I felt that these were important to my personal and professional development.

Improved software development skills
Applicable soft professional abilities
Interesting insight into non-tech industry
Colleagues who can be role models
Work experience at a mid-stage startup
Life experience as an adult in the city

The work being done at Everlane was particularly of interest. I was personally invested in learning more about the fashion industry and also believe strongly in their ethical and moral approach to business practices and factory conditions.

☞ Projects

On the Growth Team, I ran several A/B tests, familiarizing myself with a modern workflow for data-informed growth engineering. I worked closely with our engineers, data scientists and designers to routinely postulate new hypotheses, implement tests upon these hyptheses, and generate learnings based on the stastical and heuristic results. My work was focused on smoothing the sign up process. I implemented several versions of sign-up modals that would nudge shoppers to sign up for an account in integrated and non-intrusive ways.

The most interesting challenge posed by the work of a growth engineer is balancing the business metrics and goals with the ethical and aesthetic needs for a smooth user experience. I gained significant insight into how to grapple this challenge in my discussions with our designers.

In addition, I was happy to perform in-person user research by interviewing our shoppers in our brick-and-mortar location nearby the office. The insight from a customer's eyes proved immensely useful in generating new hypotheses.

An on-land sign-up modal that brings in reviews from an item a shopper is interested in makes the modal feel less intrusive by placing our shopper deeper in the context of shopping.

Instead of forcing a pop-up, placing sign up suggestions within the context of a collection of items serves to bring the CTA to a shopper's eye in a smoother and less intrusive way.

On the Logistics Team, I helped out in building our Merchandise Assortment Tool, used by Everlane's fashion designers, planners, and merchandisers to organize assortments in future season and plan finances. I dove deep into React, tackling interesting challenges in a data-heavy tool that would be used simultaneosly by dozens of users. Flexibility, data integrity, and runtime efficiency were paramount, and together with my mentors we made significant progress.

This project involved multiple conversations with people all across our company, since as an internal tool, the stakeholders are our very own colleagues. I found myself fascinated by the myriad hats the people all across the office put on in their day-to-day jobs that I was so unfamiliar with. Shadowing the designer and project manager as they balanced the wants and needs of the stakeholders with the technical ability and constraints of the engineering team was particularly insightful.

☞ Takeaways

I was very happy with my time at Everlane. The culture was a refreshingly good fit for me, and I found myself fast friends with not only the engineers, but employees all over the office. I confirmed many things I knew about my working style, and discovered many new things about myself as well.

I enjoy working in an environment full of mission driven people.
I enjoy being an active part of design discussions.
I enjoy learning new technologies and building fun web interactions.
I enjoy working with a close-knit team that hangs out outside of work.
Cross-functional work is interesting because there is always something new.
I will have to be proactive in seeking out new hobbies and activities post-grad.