Brand and identity design.
On paper and Illustrator.
Spring 2017, Innovative Design.

In Spring 2016, as VP Marketing of Innovative Design, I was able to explore the world of putting on a design event from the visual perspective. My personal project was the branding and design language of Spring semester's talk and workshop spectacular, featuring seasoned, professional designers offering their guidance to us youngsters: RGB.

Facebook cover photo.

☞ A Fresh Look

Innovative Design's Marketing team creates the logos and designs for Innovative Design's own use: it's our in-house design agency. For many semesters, this team has developed a consistent theme and look through events, recruitments, and other campaigns - our designers have frequently opted towards a friendly, rounded, light, and monoline-illustrated style.

For this semester's RGB, the organizers Yudi Sun and David Bui approached me with a dream -- to concoct something abstract, geometric, and utterly different from anything we'd done before. I approached different worlds of abstract design, looking for ways I could integrate the themes of the annual event with my own creative vision. Inspired by the look and feel of Bauhaus and Swiss design, I came up with the logo, built up from circles, with InnoD's signature monoline illustrations remixed and reinterpreted in a stylized and modern way.

☞ A Design Language

RGB: Reach Grow Build is an event geared for design students at Cal. Since UC Berkeley doesn't have a dedicated design major, our designers are unique in that we are necessarily interdisciplined. I set out to create a logomark and brand system that breathed life into this spirit of diversity and organic growth, while also being extremely flexible, applicable, and accessible.

The building blocks of my design. Circles, multiply blending, and white lines.

By sticking with the simplest of shapes and concepts, I was able to build something sleek and professional, yet still fun and lighthearted. It was easy for members of my team to use these blocks to explore the different applications of the logo, as we'll get to later. It was also an easy and memorable logo for attendees to doodle!

Reach, Grow, Build. Bud, Flower, Fruit.

As a little Easter egg, I added in a subtle symbolism to show off the basic narrative we're trying to deliver with our event: a blossoming, a fruiting. Within the lines of our three letters, I included this metaphorical nod to your attendees blossoming under our wonderful speakers' care and guidance :)

☞ Real Life Applications!

I organized my logo and typeset it with classic, clean Helvetica Neue for our flyers -- they looked stellar.

I used a simplified version of our logo to use for fashionable button designs, which my team lovingly and laboriously hand-pressed one by one.

My stellar team member, Jackie Zou, used the principles of my design language that I had created for our branding and applied it to every single person on the leadership team, to create themed profile pictures!

I made some extra promotional materials for our event, with cute illustrations drawn from our logo:

And be sure to check out my team's web developer's handiwork: a breathtaking event website!

☞ What I Learned:

Even though the branding for RGB was mostly a project executed by me, I cannot stress enough how much help I got from my Marketing team. I learned how even an individual's project can be highly collaberative as my team of six other talented designers gave me constant feedback, critique, and engaging discussion as I iterated through dozens of versions of my logo.

Once again, such a fun and rousing success!

☞ What I Would Do Differently Next Time:

We started this project a little later than I would have liked, so the design process for this logo looked like 5 long days of intense and constant iteration. In the end, while I am extremely satisfied with the branding work that was put out, I would have loved to create a couple more items using our branding language: nametags, cups, shirts, and posters. If we had started in a more timely manner, we would have benn able to get more of these nice-to-haves out - but it's good to know that smart prioritizing and efficient workmanship let us get high-quality necessary deliverables out right on time.